Saturday, June 06, 2015

OverBites: Bek Hee

One of my first priorities when moving to a new area is to find the best pork fried rice. Because I need pork fried rice once a month. You know what I'm talkin' about, ladies. It wasn't until a write-up in the RFT that I gave Bek Hee a chance.  The restaurant came under new ownership, and those owners make really good pork fried rice. And a plethora of it:

The container can barely contain all the PFR goodness!
Listen, readers, I'm not gonna pretend I'm writing about some authentic Chinese food place. This is the greasy, salty, fried-y Americanized Chinese takeout we all know and secretly love. It's just done better than average. Bek Hee does not skimp on flavor, ingredients or serving size. Were you wondering what was taking me so long between OverBites posts? Maybe it had something to do with the fact that 1 order of food at Bek Hee lasts me 4 meals. 
I asked for extra onions. No need to ask for extra pork... look at it all!

When the RFT wrote about Bek Hee, they talked about this white board and it's specials. I was looking forward to trying new specials each visit! Welp, those specials haven't actually changed since the article came out. Ha! No worry, though. It's like they know what we're really there for. PFR. However, the "specials" are delicious. The Singapore Chow Mei Fun is a giant pile of noodles stir-fried with curry, shrimp, pork, vegetables, peanuts and chicken. Again, they do not hold back on the meat and vegetables. This is a flavor bomb, and I'm okay with it's permanent residence on the white board.

Singapore Chow Mei Fun

The roast pork eggrolls are another "special." Stuffed simply with cabbage and their savory pink roasted pork and fried, these thick rolls really hit the (pork) spot.

So, yep, I have a great pork fried rice place. Thank you, Bek Hee, I am home.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

OverBites: Taqueria Durango

A few years ago my debit card got declined on a $3 purchase at QT. When I checked my bank account I saw that I was overdrawn because I was charged $8000 for 6 tacos at my favorite taqueria. After some phone-calls to the bank and visits to the owner it was determined that it was mistake made by the company that handles the credit transactions and everything was fixed. Every time I called the bank, the person helping me would pull up the account and make some kind of exclamation about how crazy it was: "How the heck did that even go through?" "Did you BUY the whole taco restaurant?!" and my favorite: "I hope those were some good tacos!"

Well, they were indeed good tacos. In fact,  I still frequent this taqueria, Taqueria Durango, despite the financial trauma that happened there.  I just pay cash now. 


Located in an unassuming (okay, it's pretty dumpy looking, let's be honest) strip mall along Page Ave., I first discovered Durango when Ian wrote about them on the RFT's blog. I had driven by it twice everyday for years without a thought. For shame!

Taco Lengua. 

I always get tacos. They have a full menu of other Mexican favorites, but the tacos, man. I just can't not get the tacos. They all come served on 2 corn tortillas with cilantro and onions, unless you request otherwise. They have a dozen filling options, from the American palette-safe carnitas, barbacoa, chicken and fish, to tripe, head meat, fried pork skin and one of my favorites, lengua... tongue tacos! If you wince at the sound of tongue taco, do yourself a favor and give it a try. Tongue is one of the most tender cuts of meat on a cow, and Durango's is especially supple and flavorful.

3 Tacos-that's how I usually roll. 

Taco El Pastor. Mmmmm pork

The Tacos El Pastor are another favorite. Pork slow-cooked in a pineapple based sauce. Durango's El Pastor is not as sweet as others I've had. I like that. Between the pineapple and the slow-cooking El Pastor is another meat with great tenderness and satisfying flavor.

My favorite taco... cheese and pepper. 
My most favorite taco at Durango is one that is new-ish to the menu, the pepper and cheese taco. It's just roasted poblano pepper, griddled cheese (I'm guessing chihuahua cheese or something similar?) and crema. Simple but oh so perfect. 

The Ahogada torta. Montrous in the best possible way.
Yet again, I broke outside my comfort zone for the sake of a blog post. I went to Durango and ordered something other than tacos! They have fantastic Tortas (okay, I don't ALWAYS order tacos... I've had several of their tortas). The most impressive of these sandwiches is the Ahogada, the "drowned sandwich." It's a giant torta filled with carnitas and onions, then covered in a savory spicy red sauce. This bad-boy is almost as big as the plate, and if the sauce doesn't make you sweat, the volume of pork definitely will (#meatsweats).  I couldn't finish mine, even though it was delectable. 

That moment when you get the meat sweats halfway through your meal.

Speaking or "large," Taqueria Durango very recently expanded into the space next to it, doubling it's dining room. What are you waiting for?? Go, now (bring cash).